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Memorial Creations

There often is a desire to honor the life of a friend that has passed away. You can remember your loved one with one of our memorials. These all-natural, environmentally conscious memorials will be a lasting tribute to your loved one, regardless of where you choose to place it. I can help you create your own personalized memorial.


Traditional Cemetery Memorials & Inscriptions
Cheryl’s training as a memorialist enables her to advise clients during sensitive times of choosing and designing a monument.  She is very familiar with the industry standards and has an eye for creating unique memorials.
Our mobile unit enables us to complete on site cemetery lettering.


Natural Stone Memorials
Natural rocks can be engraved to commemorate loved ones whether it is a husband or wife, a parent or child, coworker  or friend and can be placed near gardens or trees planted in memory of them.
They can be placed in a special place, such as the home farm or placed in a cemetery (depending on their Rules & Regulations) is a beautiful lasting tribute to a loved one.

Pet Memorials
Custom engraved rocks are wonderful lasting tributes to honour the life of a pet friend that has passed away.
Pictures of your pet can be transposed into a rock of any size or shape.
They can be etched in slate, polished granite or even glass.


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