Onsite Engraving

About Our Onsite Engraving

At Custom Rock Creation, we understand that some stones are simply too large or cumbersome to move. That’s why we offer onsite engraving services to customers across Ontario. Whether you have a large boulder in your garden or a natural rock formation on your property, we can bring our engraving tools and expertise to your location to create a custom-designed stone that meets your needs. Our team of experienced engravers is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure that your stone is engraved with precision and accuracy, no matter where it is located.

Our onsite engraving services are ideal for customers who want to add a personal touch to their outdoor spaces but are unable to transport their stones to our location. We travel throughout Ontario to provide our customers with high-quality engraving services that are convenient, affordable, and tailored to their specific needs. Whether you want to add a custom message to a garden stone or engrave a company logo onto a natural rock formation, we can work with you to create a design that exceeds your expectations. At Custom Rock Creation, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service, no matter where they are located.

How Do We Charge?

Price: $230 / sqft

Travel fee applies to some locations depending on distance travelled.

Price and product availability subject to change without notice.

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